discussion for Wednesday, May 3, 2017

In God’s design, death precedes resurrection. Always. Without death there is no new life. We see this in nature: decay leads to growth. Without a seed falling to the ground, there is no new growth. Without struggle, there is no victory. Without suffering, there is no overcoming. The disciples were hopeless and dejected before they rejoiced. As the truth about the risen Jesus begins to sink in, despair becomes delight. Without death, there is no resurrection. It is God’s design. This gives us hope while we muddle through our imperfect lives, where we experience struggle, suffering and death. We do see glimpses of joy, beauty, and love. We can know that this is true.

2017.05.03 Emmaus blog

The Cross

What exactly happened at the cross is theologically complex  and some of it remains a mystery. No one has all the answers and if they tell you that they do, they are misleading you. So our passage starts at 9:00 am. Jesus had been arrested and gone through mock trials before the government and the religious leaders, and he had been tortured. He had no sleep nor food.

Being a king when Caesar ruled from Rome was illegal. Rome had allowed Jews their religious practices, and the Jews didn’t want to further jeopardize their relations with Rome. The Jews were waiting for a powerful saviour. Jesus renounced the use of force. He came as a servant to show us the way of love.