Sorry to cancel this Saturday’s campfire – a family event pulled rank. Hope to see y’all next Wednesday at 5:30!

January 9: Faith like Noah’s

Faith is not at all unreasonable. Faith and reason are not mutually exclusive. The story of Noah (Genesis 6-9) is one of extraordinary faith and obedience to God – even when nobody else was faithful. We’ll be talking about Noah’s faith this upcoming Cornerstone meeting.

Some preliminary thoughts:

God created creation for the express purpose of mutual enjoyment. Creation refused to be God’s creation. That fracture resulted in the clean sweep of the flood.

This story is not concerned with historical data but with the strange things which happen in the heart of God that affect God’s creation. It tells us about God’s character and his feelings, such as sorrow and regret. God is emotionally invested in humanity. Whether there really was a historical flood is unimportant.

This story is a warning that God has powerful means at his disposal. It is a warning of the consequences of people who choose sin over the common good.

This is also a story of God changing. His actions of causing the flood and looking after Noah indicate that his actions depend on the situation. He changed – promising to never cause a flood to wipe out humanity again. This, then, places greater importance on prayer. The other things this story tells us about God is that God creates, destroys, judges, saves, and remembers.

Obedience to God may create chaos as fierce as the storm outside the ark. When there appeared to be no more reason for hope, the Bible says, “God remembered Noah.” In the same way, we are never alone. Because God remembers us, we have the courage and strength to endure or to face death with dignity, knowing that there is resurrection.